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IT has high potential in terms of employment and revenue generation. The IT manufacturing sector has growing at an average rate of 28-30% annually over the past decade. Software industry continues to contribute a major portion of Indian IT industry's revenues.

aboutWith the dedicated and dexterous employees at MAS-L TECHNOLOGIES, it is cake walk assisting the growth of the nation in the field of Information Technology. MAS-L TECHNOLOGIES with its vision of quality and innovation has been successful in catering the needs of those who seek our assistance in following areas of IT enabled services:

  • Software Solutions
  • Web Solutions
  • Graphic & Multimedia Solutions
  • Networking Solutions
  • Quality Assurance & Testing
  • Application Maintenance & Support
  • Turnkey Solutions
  • Offshore development

MAS-L - Software Solutions

aboutOur services begin from analysis, moving through designing, development, testing and implementation to maintenance. Our applications come in all sizes, be it a one-table database, or a massive client-server application. The creation of complete database applications is one of the fields we specialize in.

MAS-L - Website / Development Solutions

Websites can enhance awareness of your brand, leading to more sales. Building relationships with customers, vendors, and shareholders through your online identity gets more traffic from the search engines.

aboutGet more traffic from the search engines, fast loading web pages with excellent navigation and designing, communicate more effectively. If you are looking for either a Dynamic site or a static site , we can help you acquire both. We offer web sites on flash, asp, php which are tailor made to target your customers and make your presence live on web.
Add a video on your web site or have a complete flash web site and see your popularity ranking high.

MAS-L - Graphic Solutions

aboutEach Client has a different ideology and vision, so should be the designs. We have provided services for various design solutions for varied services like Logo designing, Brochures designing, designing Advertisements, Corporate Profile Presentations , Product Catalogue designing, Training/ Tutorials Presentation, 2D-3D Animations etc.

MAS-L - Domain & Hosting

aboutOut of the many services provided by MAS-L Technologies, Linux & Windows Hosting is one of them. MAS-L Technologies is one of the best Domain name Booking & Linux & windows hosting companies in India. We provide Cheap Domain Booking & Linux & windows Hosting Services to those who do not require ASP, Access Database or any other windows only supported features at cheap and affordable prices.

Generally, Linux & windows is most suitable choice for those wishing to develop their sites in PHP and MySQL.
It is more popular because of its intrinsic strength and security as well as its open source. Linux & windows Web Hosting through MAS-L Technologies is the most commercial means for organizations and individuals to develop an online presence.

Overall, MAS-L Technologies is the Cheapest Domain Booking & Linux & Windows Hosting Company in India. So we welcome you to initiate business with us and get cheaper plans as compared to the market.
We provide services to host your own website, and users with online systems for storing information, images, video, or other content accessible via the World Wide Web. We offer cheap & best web hosting. We also offer custom web hosting as per your requirements. File Hosting Service: Host your static content, typically large files that are not web pages.

MAS-L - Mobile Apps & Development

aboutMAS-L is one of the few software companies in India who provide mobile application development service. It depends upon a number of factors. The types of application software are Personal digital assistants, enterprise digital assistants. Applications are pre installed in the mobiles, or can be downloaded by users if and when they need.

This can also be done by using various mobile distribution softwares. The web application can be received through server side or client side. Mobile Application development depends upon a number of things. MAS-L Technologies has done projects related to mobile application development for various clients. We develop applications for the benefit of individual clientele or even a company.
To develop a mobile application, one needs to have the complete knowledge of programming languages such as C, C++, Java, Oracle, Visual basic, Action script and HTML. A team of expert programmers, who are well versed in these programming languages, develop these mobile applications. It plays a vital role in enhancing your mobile experience. The operating system used in smart phones, the touch sensitivity, photo clarity, office application, Internet applications will all depend on the perfect coding of a mobile application. We put our best foot forward to launch exclusive mobile applications in the market.

MAS-L - ERP / CRM Management

We offer customized affordable solutions to industries based on open standards, contemporary technologies and maintenance support. While incorporating the best of business practices, we take special care of the customer's requirements.

aboutERP Solutions include the development of software in a distributed model, with some phases of the project being conducted onsite and others being conducted offshore. Each phase is uniquely defined and executed. After completion and testing the product is then sent to the client for acceptance testing. We ensure that the solutions are user-friendly, flexible, and comprehensive
Business Reengineering initiatives aim at revolutionizing key performance criteria, such as cost, delivery, and quality. Business Reengineering is on the agenda of many companies in different industries. Striving to improve business processes to better meet customer needs and requirements.
To tackle with the barriers and make the reengineering process a success we make sure that following steps are taken in each project:

CRM for education
Colleges and universities have responded to competitive pressure by streamlining internal processes to operate more efficiently by becoming technologically savvy and digitalizing all matters related to students, teachers, parents , staff etc.
For educational institutions, CRM can help put the customer at the center of their organizational universe - automating and improving customer touch points such as recruiting, marketing, student service, alumni relations, and donor outreach.

CRM for Financial Services
Institutions that deal in financial services, their growth is hard to find, revenue is under intense pressure, and the cost of doing business continues to rise perpetually. So increasing share-of–wallet with the institution’s most profitable customers is just as important as acquiring new ones that are affordable.
With CRM, such organizations can nurture relationships that support cross-selling and increase share-of-wallet. And we can help you create marketing campaigns that get the right message in front of the right customer.

CRM for Government and Public Sector
CRM is one of the many private sector business practices that have migrated to the public sector. While the private sector concentration on profit doesn’t prevail in the government, the focus on efficiency, cost reduction, and service quality does. With slight adjustments, CRM principles and core activities easily conform to the government agency environment. For example, lead management processes can be used to segment and target the audience for public services.
CRM enables public sector agencies to craft CRM solutions that match organizational processes such as benefits eligibility assessment, claims management, and service delivery change notification. CRM’s data model and flexible architecture also supports shared solutions that cross agency boundaries and integrate with legacy systems.

CRM for Healthcare
Healthcare industry is a rapidly changing market and faces intense competition driven by consumers who are demanding more flexible products, increased transparency, and better service. To survive and succeed, payers find themselves forced to adopt new business models and develop competencies in areas such as member empowerment and provider collaboration. With CRM, you can meet these challenges

CRM for Manufacturing
Manufacturing businesses today don’t provide much differentiation in the products as they used to, price cutting doesn’t create a sustainable advantage, and many companies have reached parity in terms of lowering operating costs. To differentiate your manufacturing business and increase revenues, one needs to use sales channels to meet customers at their point of choosing.
And that’s exactly what how this CRM can help you out. Our mobile capabilities keep you in touch anytime, anywhere. Be it online or a personal one on one meeting, you will always have access to all important

CRM for Real Estate
All sales professionals swear by referrals. But no industry relies on them quite like real estate.  Home buyers are most likely to find their real estate agent through a referral be it a friend or any other trusted contact. And, when they do, 70 percent contact only one agent during the buying process. That number jumps to 85 percent when they work with an agent they’ve used previously.
For real estate firms and their brokers, managing leads and keeping track of buyers and sellers cannot be left to chance. Starting with a central database for all customer related data including documents and easily customizable workflow, CRM delivers visibility and control throughout the buying and selling process. Create targeted lists from contacts, schedule and automate and monitor campaign and their ROI just by a click.

CRM for Retail and Consumer
Retail CRM was confined primarily to interactions in the store. But with the proliferation of online channels, a retailer needs to understand customers' behavior regardless of where they shop.
With CRM, retailers can manage all their customer needs and wants more effectively—building loyalty, gaining insight into customer decision making, and delivering a seamless customer experience with integrated business processes. It shall increase efficiency between sales and marketing, ensuring that customers aren't "over marketed."

CRM for Technology
CRM: The Right Technology for Technology Companies
To succeed, technology companies need to optimize the efforts of direct sales teams and effectively leverage channel partnerships. That’s the path to sustained growth and increased revenue.
CRM takes the pain out of collaborating with partners, managing field and inside sales teams, and ensuring that sales and service are in constant in touch. The ease a user friendly interface creates , boosts user adoption and slashes time to value.

CRM for Shipping and Transport
The cyclical nature of the transportation industry has led many service providers to focus on short-term profitability - often at the expense of developing the customer loyalty that drives future growth. As many analysts bluntly point out, relationship-based marketing has been largely neglected across the industry. Yet, the principles of CRM work just as well in transportation as in any other industry.
CRM can help carriers identify their most valuable customers and understand the factors that affect customer behavior, using them to create and sustain loyalty. CRM integrates with carrier-specific logistics applications, complementing their operational focus with real-time, actionable customer intelligence.

MAS-L - Open Source

We provide custom software development using open source technologies.about Our approach combined with our expertise in leading open source frameworks is our biggest strength.
Open Source
"Platforming" is an evolution of "traditional application development" and a methodology using which: Customized Information Technology (IT) solutions are developed quickly to meet the needs of the business lines.
A standardized and rationalized IT architecture is created.
MASL Technologies in providing development, consulting and system integration services by providing solutions based on "Platforming approach". This avoids development as "application silos".
We have developed:
Knowledge Management and Content Management platforms
Social Housing Choice Based Benefit systems
Social Media platforms for Government
Business Pricing Tools for Telecom


aboutYour website doesn't get any recognition until your customers see it. An important step in web promotion is to optimize your site so it appears high in the search engines and uses them to bring even more people to your pages. Our Web development and Promotion methodology, caters to the best processes which helps in a successful on-time delivery. This ensures that your site attracts more traffic for which our experts use varied techniques like reciprocal links, email signatures, newsletter articles and more.